The Science Museum – Robots exhibition

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Matt Blease does the robot

Matt Blease has provided illustrations for the new Robots exhibition at the Science Museum in London. You can see a selection of them below.

Rather than focusing on the mechanics and technology, the exhibition looks at the ways robot builders have attempted to mimic and mirror humanity. It goes back to a 16th century mechanised monk, includes many famous robots you’ll recognise from films, and features some of the incredibly human-looking creations of recent years. And in the process it provides insights into our own position in a rapidly changing world.

Robots runs until 3 September 2017 and is already being touted as one of the events of the year. The Guardian called it ‘a treasure trove of robotic delights’, while The Telegraph mentioned ‘a truly mind-bending array of humanoid imagery’. So clearly, the Telegraph journalist had spotted Matt’s work.

You can see more for yourself by going to Science Museum