Strut and Fibre

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Designers and Illustrators come together to raise money for London College of Communication and to launch Strut and Fibre.

Steven Wilson alongside Build, Bread Collective, Two Times Elliottt, Delight, Richard Hogg, Monotype, Malika Favre, Supermundane and Hey Studio have been brought together to launch a three day exhibition to celebrate their collaboration with the new high-quality print service Strut and Fibre.

To coincide there will also be a launch of an online auction of the creative’s work to raise money for London College of Communication. Featuring in the exhibition will also be collaborations with their other Ambassadors Build, Bread Collective, Two Times Elliott, Delight, Richard Hogg, Steven Wilson and Monotype.

Samples of Strut and Fibre’s work and free beer featuring the Ambassadors’ artwork will also be available at the private launch event. If you would like to attend the private launch event, please contact Strut and Fibre directly via:

The Strut and Fibre exhibition privately launches Thursday 8th September. The public exhibition runs until the 11th September. It will be held at Protein Studios, 31 New Inn Yard, London, EC2A 3EY.

Strut and Fibre was born out of the love for print. Where the business card is key to make a lasting impression Strut and Fibre felt there needed to be a printing service that offered a high quality standard of work, alongside beautiful designs and collaboration with experienced printers and creatives.

Michael C. Place from Build said “Its physicality, we live in a physical world. I love being able to touch, hold, tear and interact with. Print for me isn’t just about something to look at, its something that elicits an emotional use from the person holding/touching it.”