The Art of Ping Pong

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Going in to bat for charity

Anna Bu Kliewer has been asked to contribute a piece to a new exhibition and charity auction. The catch is that the piece in question will need to be a ping pong bat. The is the latest charitable project from The Art of Ping Pong, which sees some of the world’s best artists putting their skills to work to create unique ping pong bats that are then auctioned to make money for a variety of causes.

In the past, James Joyce, Matt Blease and Studio Moross have contributed, alongside names like Jake & Dinos Chapman, Alan Kitching, Morag Myerscough, Supermundane and Mr Bingo.

This time they’re teaming up with Collage Club London, a workshop that encourages people to enjoy the art of cutting things up and sticking them down, with a focus on artists who work in collage.

Ten artists have been invited, including Anna, to create works that will be applied to a blank wooden ping pong paddle. The resulting paddles will be shown in an exhibition to be held in the new Hoxton Hotel in Southwark from 13th September. The works will then be auctioned online, with the money raised going towards local charities in Southwark as part of Hoxton, Southwark’s local neighbourhood charity initiative, Good Neighbours.