The French Dispatch

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Annie Atkins – graphic design for The French Dispatch

Mentioned in Dispatch

Having already worked on The Grand Budapest Hotel and Isle of Dogs, it’s no surprise that Annie Atkins’ work appears in the latest Wes Anderson film – The French Dispatch.

As Annie has said, creating items that usually appear in the background but help to solidify the feeling of a real time and place can be tricky on a Wes Anderson film. That’s because not only do his films have their own distinct aesthetic, they can be set in fictional locations, but ones often based on real places and events, so the right balance has to be found.

You can judge for yourself whether Annie has found that balance with these pieces created for The French Dispatch:

  • Absinthe poster: bottle label and street dressing.
  • Map of Kansas for the wall of Howitzer’s office.
  • Beer label: hand prop for Moses Rosenthaler.
  • Cognac label: hand prop for Moses Rosenthaler.
  • Menu and floor plan of the Commissariat de Police.

The French Dispatch is out now in cinemas across the country.