The Maison Premiere Almanac

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Paula Castro – Illustrations for The Maison Premiere Almanac

The Maison Premiere Almanac on sale now

You might have seen our recent announcement that The Maison Premiere Almanac,a beautifully produced book of cocktail recipes from Brooklyn bar The Maison Premiere with a cover designed by Annie Atkins, is being published on 25 April. We also mentioned, in passing, that Paula Castro produced the illustrations inside the book, and we’re pleased to be able to show you some of her work here. 

The book not only includes 90 cocktail recipes, but also looks at the bar itself, the history of absinthe and the farming and preparation of oysters. And so, Paula’s illustrations follow suit, and take in the types of glasses used by the bar, a guide to opening an oyster, the ingredients and accoutrements of absinthe, and a guide to tying a bow tie.