The Maison Premiere Almanac

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Annie Atkins and Paula Castro – work on The Maison Premiere Almanac

Mixing and matching for The Maison

Two Breed artists are involved in a new book of cocktail recipes. The Maison Premiere Almanac features graphic design created by Annie Atkins on the cover and illustrations by Paula Castro inside. The Maison Premiere is a Brooklyn bar inspired by the traditions and ceremonies of the late 19th Century absinthe and oyster bars of Paris, New Orleans and New York. It offers customers over 30 varieties of oyster and the largest selection of absinthe in the US, complete with a replica of the absinthe fountain from the Olde Absinthe House in New Orleans.

The book uses photography, illustration and graphic design in over 90 cocktail recipes including martinis, toddies, punches and mint juleps, as well as tutorials on selecting and eating oysters, and guides to bartending techniques and equipment.

The book was put together by The Maison Premiere co-founders and co-owners Joshua Boissy, Krystof Zizka, writer on food and wine Jordan Mackay and former Maison Premiere Bar Director and now Managing Partner William Elliott. It’s out Spring 2023 and can be pre-ordered from the publisher.