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Matt Blease – Illustrating conversations on Threads

Pulling the Threads together

Matt Blease has been commissioned by Meta to create images relating to the most loved conversations going on via its social media app Threads each week. On week one, Matt had just worked on the first week, referencing conversations about Lily Gladstone as the first Native American to be nominated for an acting Oscar for Killers of the Flower Moon, the craze for Stanley cups, and old mobile phones making a comeback on the catwalk at the Schiaparelli couture show in Paris.

Since then, four more weeks have passed, and we’re delighted to present the images Matt created for the following conversations during that time on Threads:

The second week saw Chloé’s new creative director Chemena Kamali hugging her son at Paris Fashion Week, the release of Dune: Part Two in cinemas, and the news that Taylor Swift and Emily Dickinson are sixth cousins thrice removed.

Week three we witnessed Ryan Gosling’s Oscar performance and Dolly Parton giving her permission to Beyoncé to cover Jolene.

The following week started with March Madness – the start of the college basketball season, followed by a big moment for Women in Music, and the arrival of Spring!

Week five combined Holi festival with record-breaking moments in Indian cricket, Beyoncé’s new album released at midnight, and the final episode of The Bachelor airing in the USA.

More to follow…