Thrusters ON

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Danny Sangra – #ThrustersONfilm released

Thrusters ON crashes onto the screen

A few months ago we brought you the animated teaser trailer and now it’s finally time for the main feature. So grab your popcorn – go for a medium bucket – turn your phone off and settle into your seat for Thrusters ON.

Already the winner of some impressive completely made up film awards – by the Power of Grayskull! – the film was shot under the unusually overcast skies of Palm Springs. It features our two heroines rehearsing their lines, stances and ray gun noises for a forthcoming star-crashing space opera spectacular around a limpid pool. And there, as promised in the trailer, is the pink flamingo. Is it a film reference, an interstellar visitor or simply a novelty flotation aid? You’ll have to watch Thrusters ON to find out.