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Everything looks better in eyewear

Danny Sangra just completed a short film for Vogue and Selfridges Eyewear Hall, pointing out that the most mundane of tasks can be enhanced if you’re wearing some good-looking eyewear.

The film helps promote the largest eyewear department in the UK recently opened in the centre of Selfridges Oxford Street accessories hall. It’s over 300 square metres of sunnies and opticals, offering more than 2,000 styles from 43 brands.

Danny’s film ‘Everything looks better in eyewear’ puts some of these glasses into a practical context, in his inimitable style:

  • See rewiring a plug in Saint Laurent!
  • Experience digging a hole wearing Dita!
  • Enjoy swinging a bucket with Tom Ford!
  • And much, much more!

You can see it for yourself here.