Waking Up with Alan Watts

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Waking Up / Alan Watts: The Collected Talks

Waking Up is not a typical meditation app. Curated by Sam Harris—a neuroscientist and best-selling author—Waking Up shares ancient wisdom that’s been pressure-tested by modern science, including guided meditations, lessons, and conversations.

The app also allows you to explore the ideas of selected philosophers, teachers and scientists. On January 1, 2022, Waking Up launched a collaboration with the estate of Alan Watts, the late thinker and writer on such eastern philosophies as Buddhism, Taoism and Zen.

Waking Up invited Andy Gilmore to be part of this collaboration, by providing a series of illustrations to appear alongside the Alan Watts talks. As a fan of both the app and Watts, Andy was all too keen to get involved and you can see the first results of this collaboration here.